Full-stack Developer

Graphic Designer


Angel Politis • Author

Cursed with divine inspiration

I'm currently approaching the finish line for my first novel "The Curse of the Mask". If you like a good thriller, enter your details below to stay in touch:

Angel Politis • Full-stack Developer

Obsessed with bringing ideas to life

If you've got a project in mind, whether small or large, a website or a mobile app, and are truly passionate about bringing it to life, I'm exactly the person you need to assist you in your journey.

My long list of abilities, however, doesn't include mind-reading, so you know what to do:

Angel Politis • Graphic Designer

I can bloody draw too

If you need a logo to give your business an unmistakable identity, or a cover to elevate your book to the top of the charts, or basically anything drawn on Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, then you need me. Thankfully, I'm not too hard to reach:

Angel Politis's Face

Angel Politis • Ghostwriter

I get quite creative when no one is watching

Do you have a book idea you lack the time or energy to put on paper yourself? Whether it's a piece of fiction or a blog post you need, I can lend you my muse.

She once inspired the ancients and now she inspires me. Wanna be inspired too? I figured that much myself: